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Family Travel: Flying During Pregnancy with Babies or Minors on Private Jets

Family Travel: Flying During Pregnancy with Babies or Minors on Private Jets

A family of six deboarding private jet

Ease your family travels with Advent Jets. One of the most excellent ways to experience a private jet charter is to share the journey with your family.

But, as much as traveling with babies, toddlers, or children may sound fun, it can be stressful: toddlers are often scared of flying, some kids have too much energy and extra excitement for the flight, preparations for children-specific needs, including dedicated meals, additional carry-on baggage, toys, blankets, etc.  So, we must ease the job and let you and your children enjoy the journey.

Flying with Advent Jets can be comfortable for your entire family, significantly younger passengers.

From pregnancy to flying with newborn babies

Up to what stage can a pregnant woman fly? All pregnant women should seek their doctor’s advice before planning to fly; the health and wellbeing of the mother-to-be and the baby are our biggest priority. Most scheduled airlines do not allow travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy and require a medical certificate after 28 weeks.  Advent Jets follows the same guidelines, but there can be some flexibility to fly later if supported by a doctor's letter.  How soon can I fly with my newborn baby? There are no particular regulations, and you can fly with your newborn baby as soon as you are ready and need to travel and have a valid passport or ID card for your child. If the mother has given birth by Caesarian section, getting a doctor's letter may be necessary if you wish to fly six weeks after giving birth.

Flying by private jet with toddlers

At what age does my child need their seat on a private jet?

The regulations for private charter flights are the same as for airlines - a baby can travel on your lap until two years old. Aged two onwards, an own seat is required by law. You may prefer to take your child seat or booster seat with you for comfort, or we can arrange to have this in place on your Private Jet.

Most private jets have reclining seats, and larger jets have full-size beds to ensure you and your child relax and sleep comfortably on your journey.

Entertainment for my child onboard a private jet

Most private jets have an onboard entertainment system. We can arrange for a wide selection of entertainment and music according to your child's specific needs and for toys and books to be waiting on board to ensure an enjoyable journey with your child.

Meeting the Pilot

Most children love the excitement of meeting their pilot and visiting the flight deck, something they cannot do on a commercial flight.

Can children fly alone when I charter a Private Jet flight with Advent Jets?

Yes, at Advent Jets, we are experienced with flying children whose parents live in different countries or those minors who attend boarding schools away from their homes. However, minors need special procedures before boarding.  Our team will hand you a dedicated form to be filled in by parents or guardians, and the guardian would also need to be present at the airport before the minor’s departure. Our crew will then escort the child on board. At landing, a child’s person in charge should contact our team and pick up the minor. Our staff is instructed to care for the children by focusing on special attention, like removing alcoholic beverages from the plane while the juveniles are on board, providing dedicated catering entertainment, and ensuring they feel comfortable throughout the journey.

Reasons to choose a private jet for your family travel

When you are choosing to fly private as a family, there are several reasons why flying with children is more comfortable on a private jet than on commercial airlines:

  • Dedicated remote jet terminals ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey;

  • Freedom to move and express for kids more than on a commercial plane;

  • Most of your children’s belongings and toys can be brought inside the cabin;

  • A 100% dedicated crew;

  • Special attention to tailor-made catering and entertainment choices;

  • Meet the Pilot and visit the flight deck.

Get in touch

At Advent Jets, we ensure you reach your destinations the fastest, safest, and most comfortable way. We offer competitive pricing for Private Jet and Helicopter flights and partner only with accredited and certified operators.  We believe in personal service, tailoring everything to the needs of your requirements. We guarantee a single point of contact throughout your journey to ensure everything goes exactly according to your plan.  Contact us at 833-444-9494 or by e-mail at to start planning your next flight.

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