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Advent Jets is still your most valuable option for a tailor-made & carefree experience.

Advent Jets is still your most valuable option for a tailor-made & carefree flight experience. Here is why:

The private flight industry is expanding and evolving, becoming more accessible and available for anyone.

Perhaps flying commercial is not ideal for you, and you want other, more comfortable options. Choosing and booking your private jet journey can be challenging, though, especially if you are new to the industry and not familiar with all the steps and possible complications involved.

This is when hiring Advent Jets is your best option to create a hassle-free, relaxing, and valuable flight experience:

The advantages of working with Advent Jets

Generally, flying privately is one of the most convenient ways to travel, as it allows you to get to the plane just minutes before your scheduled departure time and then experience all the comfort and privacy of a private jet.  But the real difference between a private flight experience and a commercial one is Advent Jets, which organizes the experience according to your needs and requests.  So, what are the advantages of having Advent Jets when traveling somewhere? Here are some of the most valuable benefits:

Expertise, Communication, and Personalised Service

Advent Jets is doing more than just finding your aircraft. We are taking care of you and your needs regarding private jet flying. What that means is planning the trip according to all your needs and requests and taking care of the possible issues that might arise on the way. That certainly helps relieve some stress.  Advent Jets offers an in-depth understanding of the industry, which ensures they will help you meet your requirements and answer all your questions. You can rely on us for any issue concerning your trip, and know that they partner only with trusted operators and will get you the best deals. Advent Jets can help you before, during, and after your flight—a valuable asset when you wish to have a stress-free journey.  You can also rely on communication with them regarding any issue you might encounter, as well as any additional request or last-minute change. Advent Jets is here to help you have a smooth trip and will ensure you have one.

Value: Save Money & Time Advent Jets can save you a lot of time and money. Good companies know how to shop, and they have experience doing that. They know the operators. The aircraft. The airports. You can get the best deals from Advent Jets, depending on your needs. They have higher bargaining power, considering the numerous purchases they make daily. They are also able to spot an overcharging operator and advise you accordingly. That means Advent Jets ensures you don’t incur additional costs from the operator.  You'll pay retail pricing when you book something directly through an operator. They will also charge you markups on extras such as airport transfers and inflight catering. Another thing to remember is that booking through an operator means that your funds are locked up with them. That becomes problematic if you encounter issues with them and want to switch to different flying options because you will still have to pay. With Advent Jets, you are only tied to your trip and experience; they deal with emergencies and plan accordingly, so you can always change your journey. This will save you money and still afford you a trip with a tailor-made experience. Hassle-free.


If your priorities are flexibility, Advent Jets are your best friends. When chartering a private plane with Advent Jets, the flight itinerary options are endless, and best of all, you are in charge of all the decisions.

Travelers with plans and tight schedules need to accommodate, and business travelers especially absolutely love being able to schedule their flights on their terms. Advent Jets understands that schedules and requests can also change; they are flexible and can adjust plans at the last minute.

Instead of managing that yourself and figuring out the details, you can rely on Advent Jets to communicate any changes and adjust your trip whenever needed.

Affiliation and Personal Relationship Advent Jets has excellent relationships with operators. That’s our job; they have built it through their experience. This is a big plus when it comes to finding the best deals, communicating with operators, avoiding or solving most last-minute issues, and ensuring your flight goes as smoothly as possible. 

Advent Jets can also check flight hours, pilot experience, and more, allowing them to select the top aircraft and safest crews. Advent Jets can help you get what you pay for and set you up with the right charter for your journey.

Tailor-made experience You may have particular travel needs and want a custom-made experience to accommodate all your requests and create the perfect journey. That’s when Advent Jets will become your best friend, and they know how to get you exactly what you need.  Perhaps there are specific aircraft types you don’t want because of cabin dimensions, range, or baggage capacity. Advent Jets can eliminate plane types that don’t work for you from their search and search for something specific you might want (e.g., a particular range of age.) We can also eliminate specific operators you don’t want to fly with.  Advent Jets will create journeys that fully take into consideration your schedules and needs, so you won’t have to worry about delays or complications and take care of special requests such as tailored onboard service with the catering of your choice or any specific request you might have for your trip, whether a business journey or when flying with pets and family.

Safety & Peace of Mind

The aviation industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world, with many authorities ensuring that operations run smoothly and, more importantly, safely. However, unlike commercial aviation, private aviation can often be unsupervised in terms of pricing & client policy.  In recent years, so-called ‘grey charter flights’ have risen, posing a significant threat to the safety and regulatory system as they operate outside any legal framework. When booking a charter flight, ensuring that the operator you are working with is trustworthy and has a strong safety record is crucial.  Advent Jets understands the rules and dynamics of aircraft travel and can help you navigate the industry and manage the process for you. Having a well-trained company acquire a charter is a way to protect yourself: Advent Jets knows the most effective route of the best aircraft and will rely only on certified operators. Advent Jets does all the bookings for you, ensuring that the plane will land at an airport that best suits your preferences, at your desired destination, time, and day. Most importantly, Advent Jets will take care of your safety and only demand top quality from certified operators while ensuring transparency throughout the process.  Advent Jets remain the best option for time-conscious people wishing a safe, stress-free & tailored flight experience.

At Advent Jets, we ensure you reach your destinations the fastest, safest, and most comfortable way. We offer competitive pricing for Private Jet and Helicopter flights and partner only with accredited and certified operators.  We believe in personal service, tailoring everything to the needs of your requirements. We guarantee a single point of contact throughout your journey to ensure everything goes exactly according to your plan.  Contact us 833-444-9494, by e-mail at

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