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Your Imagination – Realized

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Bespoke Services

Our extraordinary travel experiences are tailor-made for you and your wildest imagination.

Exclusive Access

We arrange travel and elite access to unique experiences of your choosing.

Corporate Events

We hold live events to assist corporations in expanding their businesses through HNWI networking.

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Bespoke Services

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Instead of just experiencing the wilds of Africa, why not produce your own professional video safari, complete with production crew and the region’s foremost zoologists?
Want to see the aurora borealis up close? Why not dine on fine wine and local, traditional dishes in an Icelandic glass house while the night sky colors surround you?
Or, why just watch Rio Carnival in Brazil when you could dine with performers and join the parade?
You’ve earned your place in this world where the finer things are yours to experience.
Let's make your wildest imagination a reality.

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Exclusive Access

Winter Sports

Whether you're looking for a suite or VIP seats to your favorite sports team such as NFL, NBA, NASCAR or Indy; VIP treatment in Las Vegas; private golf experiences; horse racing events; or meet and greets with your favorite concert performer – we've got you covered.

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Protection Services
Bodyguard Protection

We understand the need for personal protection wherever you find yourself in the world.

We offer executive protection and personal bodyguard services upon request.

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corporate Live Events

With your Inner Circle membership comes access to invitation-only brand launches and hospitality networking events.

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Your corporate membership allows you exclusive access to closed-door networking events featuring our private customer bases, partners, and association with dozens of high-end product and service providers.

Currently, we are forming an inner circle where we make an introduction to a celebrity who may possess personal branding similar to your business's brand or represent other similarities or reciprocity to your business.


Advent Jets holds their members close and finds ways to help them succeed. Membership fees help keep us in business so we return that favor by helping keep you in business.

If anyone in our Inner Circle memberships is looking to expand and needs an introduction to someone in a different industry, Advent has the connection. 

Festive Wine Pouring
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