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Building Relationships


Join our Partnership Experience program where companies gain access to exclusive business opportunities.

Advent Jets offers an established global service of aircraft acquisitions and sales.

Choose or learn more about our many makes and models of aircraft. Get the exact accommodations you need.

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About Advent

About Advent
Business Meeting

Advent's Solid Beginning

Founding Advent Jets was a natural evolution for CEO, Scott Buss, whose passion and lifelong career had been in aviation sales, management and consulting where he built solid relationships with the world's top-tier clientele – recognizable names running some of the best businesses today.

Advent distinguished itself by providing access to more than 5,000 aircraft around the world with as little as four to six hours’ notice with 24/7 access to booking.

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Advent Goes Global

Today, Advent, now a global company, boasts a highly skilled team of travel specialists who create efficient travel itineraries, exceptional excursions, and exhilarating bespoke adventures for high net worth clientele. Our industry-leading focus on customer service ensures a positive experience throughout the travel process and allows us to listen to your needs to construct a solution that works exclusively for you. 

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Advent's Philosophy
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Advent follows the principles of respect, honesty, trust, transparency and communication, and we continue to live those values in every facet of our personal and professional lives.

We highly value each and every one of our clients and develop a mutual respect. Our team believes in working with like-minded people who know what they want, have a passion for travel, and expect the very best.

If you have questions about us, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! We hope you'll try us out and then travel with us for many years to come. 

Partner With Us
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Partner With Us

Building Relationships

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Advent CEO, Scott Buss, and team constantly cultivate reciprocal relationships. Scott has built a clientele base of influential business people and affluent high net worth individuals over a more than twenty five year career in consulting, sales and aviation.

Building bridges between people and their businesses is at the core of our company philosophy.

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Advent Jets' Partnership Experience Program

Advent Jets’ joint-ventures are called Partner Experience Ventures and are administered through our Partner Experience program.

The program allows our business partners to gain access to the aviation and vehicle transport, leisure travel, logistical security, residential accommodations, and exclusive social events that Advent Jets has procured for its own clients, thereby supplying our partners with the opportunity to monetize our relationships, products, and services for the express benefit of their clients. Perks include collaborative product placement and service delivery on behalf of each respective partner, gift sharing, and marketing and media cross promotion.

We also provide our partners with unique opportunities to offer their clients ‘first buyer’ access to exclusive limited edition and artisan-based creations. Each Partner Experience Venture is structured specifically with the needs of our partner’s clients in mind. With Advent, even our business partnerships are curated with an eye toward convenience, access, luxury, and style. 

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Buy With Us
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buy A Jet With Us

WE Are Your Experienced
Purchasing Partner

Buying and selling a private aircraft represents a significant investment in time, money, energy and industry knowledge.


It’s considerably more complex than people think ― even for those with backgrounds in finance and aviation ― where one mistake can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost.


Advent Jets has an established global company offering comprehensive, concierge-level service for aircraft acquisitions and sales. 

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Our Fleet
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Our Fleet

King Air
Turbo Prop

Turbo Prop planes carry about six to eight passengers. The plane requires less runway so it can fly into smaller airports than their jet engine counterparts. Interiors are configured for business meetings to make the most of executives' time.

King Air 90, 200, 350, 400; Pilatus PC-12; Cessna 402; Piper Navajo
very light jet
Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets are considered the lightest business jets and are approved for single pilot operation. Seats four to five passengers with a maximum takeoff weight of 10,000 pounds (4540kg). This class is ideal for 600 to 1,000 miles, offering a less expensive option for shorter jaunts.

Cessna Citation Mustang and M2, Eclipse 500, 550, Embraer Phenom 100, Honda HA-420, Cirrus Vision SF
light jet
Light jets

The Light Jet class seats up to eight passengers. Light Jets can land at small airports.and travel up to about 2000 nautical miles. A lavatory is included as well as a small beverage area. Speeds range from 400 to 450 mph. Limited heavy baggage allowed.

Beach jet 400/400A; Updiamond CJ 1, CJ 2; Citation II, S11, Bravo, Encore, Ultra V; Hawker 400, 400xp; Falcon 10; Westwind I, II; Lear 31, 35, 40, 45; Premier
midsize jet
Midsize Jets

Midsize Jets seat up to nine passengers and can travel in the 2,600 nautical mile range. This class includes interior and cargo luggage space and a private lavatory. Additional features include more headroom and wi-fi.

Gulfstream G 100, 150; Hawker 700, 800, 800XP; Citation Excel, III, VI, VII, Sovereign; Falcon 20, 200, Astra; Lear 55, 60
super midsize jet
Super Mids

The Super Mid class seats up to nine passengers and can travel up to 4,200 nautical miles. Models have an enclosed lavatory, internal and external baggage compartments, entertainment system and a personal attendant.

Gulfstream G 200, Falcon 50, Citation X, Challenger 300, Hawker 1000
heavy jet
Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets seat up to nine passengers and travels in the 6,700 nautical mileage range. As with the Super Mids, this class includes an enclosed lavatory, internal and external baggage compartments, entertainment system and a personal cabin attendant.

Gulfstream II, IIB, IISB, III, IV, V, VSP; Challenger 600, 601,604
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