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Give Your Business Wings: How Business Jets Boost Your Productivity

If air travel is a necessary part of your business, you know how time-consuming, expensive, inconvenient and stressful taking commercial flights can be. You might also know that charting a business jet is a great way to avoid such problems.

How exactly can business jets help your business? Why is a corporate jet charter worth it? Check out our six ways private business jet travel amenities can increase productivity and relaxation time—boosting your business and saving you money.

Enjoy Business Facilities at the Airport

Whether you want to be productive or relax before your flight, a business jet charter is the answer. A business jet charter is an answer to whether you want to be productive or relax before your flight

When traveling by a corporate jet charter, a part of your trip will be handled by a Fixed Base Operator. Most FBOs have their terminals, or exclusive terminal sections, with a VIP lounge and often conference rooms. They can provide the necessary equipment to ensure your business as usual. When hiring a business jet, you won’t need to worry about the long TSA (Transport Security Administration) lines.

Stay Connected

Many business jets arranged by Paramount Business Jets also have speedy Wi-Fi to keep you connected throughout your flight. Access data from the Cloud, hold online meetings with clients or colleagues, or enjoy entertainment via Wi-Fi.

Before chartering a corporate jet, you might want to check if Wi-Fi is free or chargeable on your business aircraft. Contact us for a business jet recommendation—our aviation experts will advise you on the best aircraft choice based on your business needs.

Hold Meetings in the Air

Business jets can get you to meetings quickly and conveniently, but why not save even more time and money by using the aircraft to hold meetings?

Among business jets PBJ has access to, many can be configured for meeting spaces or have separate conference rooms onboard. The Boeing Business Jet offers various configurations, including meeting rooms, full-heighten-demand audio-video showers, dining rooms, and bedrooms. In contrast, the Challenger 650 offers on-demand audio-video, Bluetooth integration, and the industry’s largest-in-class HD monitors. Tables allow for four-person meetings, and there’s even a sofa to relax on I between your sessions.

Work in Comfort and Privacy

Business jet travelers can have the workspace, peace, and silence they need—and often, more space for personal luggage and work-related cargo. Depending on your requirements, the cabin of even a small business jet can be configured for worktables. These can be arranged uniquely to ensure your work and discussions remain confidential.

Fly Quickly and Directly to Your Destinations

Chartering your business aircraft also means you can say goodbye to long, complicated transfers from significant airports 20, 50, or even hundreds of miles away from your destination. A business jet charter gives you access to ten times more airports and destinations than commercial airlines, which often means you can land just a few minutes away from your final destination.

Business jets aren’t slow, either. The Boeing 700-257 impressive crushes a se speed of 982 km/h, plus four enclosed lavatories and five galley areas. It is an excellent business jet choice for bigger groups of executives, allowing you and over 200 colleagues to travel with speed and style. Smaller parties can charter a Cessna Citation X, with a cruise speed of 972km/h and room for 12 passengers in a well-appointed cabin.

Plan a Flight Schedule that Follows Your Business

When you charter a business jet, you decide the departure time so forget antisocial departure times forcing you to arrive, sleep-deprived, hours or even days early for appointments. While early booking is always recommended to ensure we can meet your exact needs, with Advent Jets Notably, you can book your corporate jet charter up until four hours before your desired departure time.

Notably, a business jet charter lets you plan your route to attend multiple meetings in different destinations, knowing you can take off the minute after your business is done. No more checking in, arriving at airports hours in advance or multiple hotels stays in different cities. You are no more moving your luggage from hotel to taxi to train to the airport and back again!

Business jet charter passengers can turn a week’s worth of hotel, restaurant, and transport bills and wasted hours for just two or three meetings into a luxurious two- or three-day experience where your luggage and work facilities travel with you. The economical Citation CJ+, with its low take-off and landing distances, low internal noise levels, and generous baggage capacity, can quickly and comfortably take you to some of the minor airports and remote destinations.

The Gulfstream 550, already mentioned for its super-speedy Wi-Fi, has executive space for 19 but can also be configured for up to 8 passengers with sleeping facilities, so you can travel as you sleep, arriving fresh for work the next day.

Bespoke Service to Meet All Your Needs

Studies have shown that corporate aircraft users dominate the list of the most innovative, successful, and admired businesses. Business jet travelers are often the business people with the most robust corporate governance and responsibility, revenue growth, and market share, so why not follow their example?

Advent Jets, our white glove concierge service support, transportation, and personalized inflight catering for you. We will happily help you pick the right aircraft, airports, and in-flight amenities, including cabin configuration, to meet all your personal and business needs. Travel safely, conveniently, and comfortably to your business events.

Get your charter quote now, or contact us for more information.


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