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Is Flying Private Safer than Flying Commercial?

Is Flying Private Safer than Flying Commercial?

Regarding the safety of flying, it isn’t a question of whether the flight is safe but whether flying private is safer than flying commercially.

Air travel isn’t just the fastest way to travel; it’s also the safest. Plane crashes may make the news, but this is because they’re so rare that the slightest problem becomes newsworthy. By comparison, car accidents are so common they’re rarely reported.

You Can Avoid Contact with Others

Although concerns regarding COVID-19 may be waning, that doesn’t mean that health isn’t still an essential part of safety. Even if it’s to avoid catching a cold or the flu, it’s safer to avoid crowds. Flying private ensures that you come into contact with many fewer people. Instead of the hundreds of people, you might be close to in the commercial part of the airport; you may only need to be near members of your party and those employed in your transportation, such as the aircraft crew and a driver. Far fewer people are on board to contribute germs to the air you breathe.

Private Jets Have More Flexibility with Landing

A private jet can land at nearly any airport. This means that if there’s a problem, whether a health issue or a fault with the aircraft, a private jet can make an emergency landing at the actual closest airport instead of the nearest commercial airport. Pilots of private jets have more flexibility to land wherever they need to instead of being limited based on the size of the airport and its ability to accommodate larger planes.

Private Jets Can Avoid Bad Weather

Another advantage of flying private when it comes to safety is that private jet pilots also have more flexibility about where they can fly. If there’s bad weather, air traffic control may require a commercial jet to stay where they are and fly through it regardless of the turbulence or risk. Commercial jets have a much stricter flight plan that they have to follow. A private jet will have more flexibility to fly around or over bad weather conditions.

You Can Choose Your Aircraft When Flying Private

If you don’t feel safe in smaller aircraft, for example, you don’t have to fly in them. With a commercial flight, you don’t have a choice. Either you fly on the aircraft the airline has scheduled for that flight, or you don’t fly. With a private jet charter, on the other hand, you have your choice of aircraft and request a specific jet depending on any factor you want, from comfort and speed to size and safety record.


While flying is the safest method of transportation, whether you fly private or commercial, a private jet charter has several safety advantages over commercial flights. To start, you can avoid the health risks of coming into contact with crowds of hundreds of people. Your pilot also has more flexibility to respond to unexpected weather conditions or situations that might arise in flight.

Advent Jets has a strict safety policy to ensure its clients fly on the safest and most reliable aircraft. Their experienced charter department is available 24/7 to help you book your flight worldwide. or 833.444.9494

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