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Beyond a Jet Card

Services via Door-to-destination

Augusto Valverde (GlogalChildTV)
Best way to fly in style! They have an extremely capable team and I trust them for my future travel logistics.
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Timberly Williams

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Whenever You Need To Travel SAFE, COMFORTABLY, And FAST, Choose ADVENT!

Get to your destination fast and in style.

Traveling with Advent means you'll get to your destination quickly, safely, and in luxury. Our team of professionals manages every aspect of the trip so all you have to do is show up. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of traveling on your own terms with Advent.

Experience the royal lifestyle.

Get the royal treatment you deserve with Advent Travel. With access to jets, helicopters, and yachts, you can feel like royalty as we provide comfortable door-to-destination services that make you feel at home.

Experience the highest level of luxury travel.

Get from door to destination in the fastest and most luxurious manner possible.


Enjoy access to jets, helicopters, and yachts for the ultimate travel experience.

Experience Luxury Travel with Advent.

Advent Travel helps you get to any destination in the world quickly in absolute luxury.

From jets and helicopters to yachts and private islands, we provide access to the best of the best for all your travel needs.



Travel In Convenience and Luxury​

Feel at home wherever you go with this exclusive door-to-destination service.

Personalized Care You Deserve

Enjoy the Kingly treatment you deserve and more.

Enjoy A Faster Ride - Travel Exclusive

No more waiting in long lines at the airport or dealing with cramped seating on commercial flights.



Ground Transportation


Global, door-to-Door Service

Advent Jets' clients get world-class service with our worldwide network of professional chauffeurs and car services.


Professional Chauffeurs

Ride in our pristine livery vehicles to and from your home or office. Arrive at your jet on time and to your destination securely, and in style and comfort.

Yacht Charter


Luxury at Sea

Advent provides the most discerning tastes in luxury yachts from the point of origin through the end of travel.

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Global Booking

We work directly with our clients to provide private flight and yacht charter, and to create exceptional experiences around the world. We customize each of those experiences to exceed your individual needs, desires, and expectations.


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Twenty Years of Experience

At Advent Jets, we service individuals seeking luxury above the rest. We have more than twenty years of experience in private jet management, leasing, buying, and flight services with VIP packages for the most distinguished of clients. Check out our fleet.

With this level of experience and our connections worldwide, we offer the most comprehensive, personalized flight and accommodations experiences in the private flight industry,

Transparency is A Part of Our Brand

We stand by our word.


We will always provide upfront communication and act as your luxury lifestyle, concierge, and bespoke partner for all your bookings and adventures.


We attend to every detail – every step of the way – until you are safely back home.

Security is Our Priority

And since safety is our utmost priority, we provide security personnel upon request.

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We curate stress-free, secure, exhilarating travel.

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Advent's Door-to-Destination Services

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Advent makes luxury travel easier than ever with door-to-destination services.

    Get to your destination fast and in style.

    Live like royalty on your travels.

    Make your traveling an adventure, not a hassle.

    Experience LUX travel with ADVENT.

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Affiliates and Partners

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Fellow Traveler Insights

Chef Garnishing

Former White House Chef and Camp David GM  –Martin CJ Mongiello

As the CEO, I am proud to send our clients to Advent."

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"Owner... Scott Buss... is such a nice gentleman to deal with. He bends over backwards to help clients set up a terrific itinerary and he is highly connected in the 2% wealth of families and more.
As a former White House chef and Camp David Resort and Conference Center GM, it means a lot to me now running the US Presidential Service Center and US Presidential Culinary Museum.

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Some other interesting services we offer at Advent jets.

We also have access to off-market Real estate deals if you come across anyone looking for Hotels, Villas, Multifamily and other commercial assets could be some synergy.

Advent jets also has access to off-market Aircraft, Art, Jewelry, Exotic Cars, etc.

Advent jets only deals with direct bueters and sellers and or the mandate.

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Explore the world with Advent and experience true luxury

Whether you want to catch up on work, watch a movie, or simply sit back and enjoy the view, we have everything you need to make your flight a true pleasure.

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, we have a range of customizable packages to fit your needs and budget.


So why wait? Book your LUX Travel experience today and elevate your travels to new heights. 

Advent Jets LLC  acts on behalf of its clients and serves as their agent. It does not own or operate aircraft. All flights are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 air carriers that exercise full operational control of charter flights at all times. Carriers providing service for  Advent jets LLC. clients must meet all FAA safety standards and additional safety requirements established by Advent Jets LLC.

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