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Charter a private jet to The Big Game in Las Vegas 2024

Superbowl 2024 Charter with Advent Jets for the best door-to-door experience

One of the world’s most-watched sporting events is in Las Vegas in February 2024, and we can arrange your private jet charter there. Whether you’re traveling with business or with friends and family, we have unrivaled access to various private jets to match your charter requirements.


Or, if you require a larger aircraft for a group charter, we have extensive experience in arranging commercial-sized planes for various bigger groups. Our dedicated Charter team can personalize your charter before departure and boarding the aircraft.

For hotel bookings and ground transportation, our Travel concierge service will tailor-make any or all elements of your trip in line with your budget and requirements.

A winner-takes-all final has wrapped up every American football season since 1966. Featuring the year’s two league champions, the game is hosted at a different stadium every year. The 2024 edition will take place at the recently-opened Allegiant Stadium and marks Las Vegas and the state of Nevada’s first time hosting a football final.

While millions tune in to watch the football action, the Big Game’s halftime show is arguably as famous as the match. It originally featured a college marching band, but now audiences are treated to performances from some of the world’s most prominent music artists.

How to get to Las Vegas by private jet

Most private jets arriving in Las Vegas land at McCarran International Airport, North Las Vegas Airport, or Henderson Executive Airport.

McCarran International Airport is the most popular – partly due to its facilities but also because it’s just five miles from downtown Las Vegas. The airport has several 24-hour FBOs providing all the amenities you’d expect from a first-class private jet terminal, from shuttle service to crew lounges with showers.

North Las Vegas Airport is the area’s second-busiest public airport. Situated three miles from downtown, its full-service FBO offers luggage assistance, ground catering, and services provided by aircraft repair stations on the airport grounds.

Henderson Executive Airport is a famous and smaller alternative 13 miles from downtown Las Vegas. FBO services include baggage handling, after-hours security, competitive fuel prices, and NATA Safety First line service.

Popular private jets to charter in the USA

North America has the world’s biggest private jet market, so there are plenty of private jets to choose from wherever you travel. But out of the 9,000 taking off daily, our clients regularly prefer to charter some particularly popular private jets.

Bombardier Learjet 60

With its impressive fuel efficiency and NASA technology, the Bombardier Learjet 60 is one of the most competitively-priced midsize private jets to charter. But it’s not just the price that makes this jet so sought-after. Able to accommodate up to seven passengers (eight if the enclosed lavatory is used as an extra seat) and complete nonstop flights from Chicago to Las Vegas, the Learjet 60’s spacious cabin is ideal for work and relaxation.

Beechcraft King Air 200

Part of the most popular family of turboprops ever created, the Beechcraft King Air 200 excels in all regions and environments thanks to its versatility and robust airframe. Despite its perception as a rugged “go anywhere, go anytime” aircraft, its cabin is exceptionally comfortable and spacious for a turboprop. The King Air 200 typically seats up to seven passengers and is frequently used for short hops, making it a cost-effective option if you’re flying to Las Vegas from somewhere in California.

Cessna Citation X

With a top speed of Mach 0.9, it’s little wonder the Cessna Citation X is one of the USA’s favorite private jets to charter. This aircraft is so fast it can fly from New York to Los Angeles almost an hour faster than other super-midsize business jets. The eight-seat cabin is typically laid out with two club suites separated by fold-away tables for working and dining. At the same time, the heated and pressurized baggage compartment helps protect cargo regardless of external weather conditions.

Hawker 800XP

While the Hawker 800XP doesn’t have one stand-out feature compared to its competitors, its popularity stems from its ability to balance cost-efficiency, availability, fuel economy, climb and cruise performance, interior comfort, and takeoff distance. The aircraft’s cabin can appear in various layouts, but the most common configurations seat up to eight people with a three-seat divan in the rear. Similar aircraft in this Hawker family include the popular Hawker 800XPI, Hawker 850XP, and Hawker 900XP.

Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream has long been a trusted name in the private jet industry, and the Gulfstream IV (also known as the G-IV or GIV) is one of the brand’s most famous aircraft. With a range of around 4,500 miles and a baggage compartment large enough for 19 suitcases, large groups flying across the USA have often chartered the G-IV.

We can tailor and organize all elements of your trip

Whether you need to book ground transportation or luxury accommodation, our dedicated Travel and concierge service specializes in designing complete travel solutions beyond the aircraft charter.

Our highly experienced team of travel consultants is committed to providing exceptional travel service. We understand travel inside out and the required level of detail and planning – mainly when one of the sport’s most significant events occurs. From five-star hotels and chauffeurs to restaurants and shows, Advent Jets will arrange every detail around your requirements so you can relax and enjoy the game.

Or, if you have everything but your flights booked, contact one of our charter experts to book your private jet flight to Las Vegas for the Big Game today.

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