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How to Determine the Best Private Jet Price

Traveling via a private jet can be very rewarding. The experience is completely different from traveling via commercial jet, and finding the best private jet price can be challenging. Booking the flight is much different, too. If you fly a commercial airliner to your destination, you can visit the airline’s website or any booking website. You plug in your destination and get a selection of potential flights and their base cost. And this number can change by the minute.

When it comes to private jet charters, finding out the price usually involves providing the charter company with some pertinent travel information, such as destination, type of aircraft, departure time, etc., and then receive a quote for your trip. So, how do you know if you are getting a good deal? Let’s look at how to determine the best private jet price.

What Factors Impact Private Jet Price

Many different factors impact the cost of air travel via private jet. Because you are the passenger, there are some choices you will have to make. And with each decision, you will impact the cost of your flight in one direction or another. Of course, other factors have nothing to do with you and everything to do with taxes, surcharges, etc. Either way, these things contribute to the cost of a private jet. Take a look at these factors below. Remember that not all private jet charters will charge these fees, but they all may be potential factors.

Aircraft Size

The size of your aircraft impacts the cost; the larger the plane, the more costly it is to maintain. Market demand and the cost to run the plane also affect the final price to fly.

Flight Itinerary

The times you wish to depart can play a role in the cost of your flight, as well as whether you will need a return flight or how long you intend to stay at your destination. The jet and the crew may remain local to your destination. But if you are only traveling one way, the plane needs to make it back, which will account for additional costs.

Number of Passengers

The number of passengers on board your private jet can also determine the cost of your flight. Each one will receive their service at the airport, so a per-passenger fee is often included.

Billable Flight Time

This number is the cost based on the hourly rate for the aircraft and the number of flight hours it will be used.

Fuel Surcharge

The fuel surcharge will be charged based on the jet type, the distance traveled, and the fuel cost.

FBO and Flight Crew Fees

This may include per diem charges for the crew, such as hotel fees, meals, transportation at the destination, etc. Certain airports or FBOs may charge a fee, and specific private jets may charge additional fees.

How to Get the Best Private Jet Price

So you may be asking yourself if there are things that you can do to get the best private jet price. And the answer is an astounding YES! Being smart about booking your private jet charter can land you a trip at the greatest price. Here’s how to do it.

Book in Advance

Booking in advance can save you money. Looking for a private jet at the last minute, you may not find one where you are. You will have to cover the cost of the private jet that comes from somewhere else to accommodate your travel needs. So it is best to book in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Look for Empty Legs

Booking in advance can save you money, but it isn’t always possible. You can book last minute and save with empty leg flights. Someone may have taken these flights one way and need to return to their home base. They need to go whether they have a passenger or not. So if you want to catch this flight, you can do so at a reduced rate.

Choose the Right Size Jet

Flying in a luxurious jet can feel glamorous, and it is easy to get carried away by the size of the plane you choose. But don’t. Save yourself some money by only traveling on the aircraft you need. As a general rule, the larger the jet, the greater the cost.


When flying private, you can access many more airport options than when you fly commercial. You may find that flying into a nearby smaller airport may be more cost-effective than flying into a major airport. You can also save money by getting closer to your destination using a smaller airport.

Benefits of Finding the Best Private Jet Price

Traveling via a private jet charter gives you some pretty excellent benefits. You not only can find ways to save yourself some money, but you can also take advantage of the following:

  • Luxurious flight accommodations

  • An enhanced inflight experience

  • Private surroundings

  • High safety rating

  • Reduced health concerns (i.e., Covid-19)

  • Flexibility in flight days or times

  • Access to more airports

  • Your pet can fly in the cabin with you

  • No layovers or connecting flights

  • Fewer baggage restrictions

You can take advantage of many benefits when you charter a jet from Advent Jets than fly on a commercial airliner. And once you know how to determine the best private jet price, you know you are getting all those perks for a fee.

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