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What is a jet card and why do they suck!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Many people may not know what a jet card is. In fact, it may have only been limited to a few individuals in the past. Jet card memberships are when you pay in advance to use private or semi-private jets in your specific area to places that you fly often.

These memberships can range in price depending on the hours you want to commit to fly. Depending on the rules of the membership - if you don’t use all of your hours in a given period, they expire. That sucks!

People often confuse jet card memberships with what we do, mostly because we have the word “jets” in our name - and because we offer a membership. Our membership is completely different and on a whole different level. Our InnerCircle Memberships are based on connection and having a personal service that understands your preferences for all kinds of experiences you may want to have.

For instance, let’s say you are a huge country music fan, and want to know all of the best places you can get access to country music. We can set you up with a series of experiences that get you meet and greet, backstage passes, transportation to and from any place or venue in style - for as many people as you would like to take with you.

Want to be invited to exclusive events? Need a private chef for a dinner party you are having? Imagine having one person assigned to you, like an assistant that can do all of that for you?

That is what our memberships are about. Access to the things that you need, desire and want, with just a phone call away.

Included in our memberships are at COST private jet flying if that is your preferred way of travel.

If you were to hire a personal assistant, depending on where you are, it will cost you around 70K-120K. Our personal memberships start around $7,500 annually. That is a HUGE cost savings to you to have someone that you can call for the things that you need, when you need them.

Check out our memberships today and if we don’t include something you would like - reach out to us and see if we can make it happen.


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