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Why Chartering a Private Jet Is Ideal For Corporate Groups with Advent Jets

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Chartering a Private Jet Is Ideal For Corporate Groups with Advent Jets

Private jet charter for corporate groups
Private Jet Charter for Corporate Groups

The ability to charter private jets has been around for many years. And today, more and more people have started taking advantage of it. They are showing up for family getaways and personal vacations but are also becoming the go-to for corporate groups.

Shuffling people from one location to the next can be quite a challenge. But corporate executives are learning that automation is critical. In business planning, the goal is always to be efficient and streamlined in your processes to yield the greatest return. Why not apply this to travel for corporate groups?

Charter one jet, pick your specifics, and everyone rides together. It’s that easy. There is no denying that chartering a private jet is the ideal solution for corporate groups.

Avoid Booking Fiascos

When a group of employees goes to the exact location, booking several individual tickets can be overwhelming. Why? Because commercial travel is a challenge for one person, let alone securing a bunch.

And then what happens when someone decides they are unable to go? Did you invest in travel insurance? Will you be reimbursed? Can you use that ticket for another employee who has agreed to go to their place?

Long wait times and lots of fees later, you may have your corporate group ready to go. That is, until another change needs to be made.

With the time spent on trying to get everyone’s situation, you will find you could have spent your money on chartering a flight instead as it could have been booked in one quick phone call. And you give the charter company a list of passengers a day or two before the flight so the manifest can be created.

Cost Effectiveness

Many corporations want to take groups on retreats and various events, but the cost of doing so can be pretty high, even more so when it requires travel and hotel accommodations.

By booking smart travel, you can save money that can be better utilized in other ways. For instance, adjusting those tickets, as we discussed above, can lead to one change fee after the next. This can add up.

Also, consider having to pay baggage fees for everyone traveling as part of your group.

Remove all the hassle and the extra fees – and you will find that paying the cost of a private jet charter makes sense.

Increased Flexibility

When booking a corporate group on commercial airlines, you are at the mercy of the predetermined flight times. You will need to use these to ensure you get everyone where they need to be on time.

Of course, you will also want to consider the number of delayed and canceled flights that occur daily- just in case.

With private charters, you get flexibility. You are in control of when you fly. You choose the time to get your corporate group where they need to be when they need to be there. And you won’t worry about delays or cancellations because that’s not an issue in private travel.

This increased flexibility gives you more control and convenience to your corporate group.

Arrive Together, Leave Together

While your corporate group consists of adults and not minor children on a field trip, there is something comforting about arriving at an event together and leaving together. In other words, you move together as one unit.

Everyone traveling on the same private jet charter makes it easy to stick together.

Private Travel Space

Imagine having your corporate group spread out on a large airliner. A few may be sitting together here and there, but otherwise, there will be a lot of communication among random passengers.

Not only is this inconvenient, but depending on the topic of conversations, it could lead to questionable confidentiality issues.

With a private jet charter, you can have your own space. Everyone can feel comfortable carrying on conversations without worry. You can be as loud or quiet as you want and move freely.

Your corporate group will agree that a private travel space is more comfortable.

Enhancing Team Building

Everyone attending an event alone may be more likely to participate as if alone, even with a group. But with a private jet charter, you can keep everyone together, allowing them to grow and bond. It is all about enhancing team building.

When your corporate group learns to connect, bonds can form. And that is a great way to solidify a family-type feel within the company to make teamwork happen.

Besides, what else will you do when you are stuck on a plane with many people you work with? You get to know each other. You grow more comfortable. It’s a win-win.

Personalized Touches

Boost the comradery by adding personalized touches to the chartered aircraft. This may include corporate branding throughout the interior, unique goodie bags for travelers, special foods or beverages, and more.

The space inside the cabin of a private charter jet is already beautiful and luxurious, but knowing that you can take it to the next level with a few personalized touches will mean so much more for those who are heading out on the trip.

Recognizing that someone took the time to make these additions will kick off the trip with feel-good emotions – which can be very beneficial.

Traveling Corporate Groups with Advent Jets

Before you get ready to book your next corporate group on a flight, consider your options. At Advent Jets, we offer private jet charters anywhere in the world. You can keep your group together in a safe, personal space with all the flexibility and convenience of private travel.

Contacts Advent Jets today at or call 833-444-9494

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