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Your Guide to Taking an Empty Leg Trip with Advent Jets

All you need to know about taking an empty-leg trip

Many people dream about flying on a private jet to their destination, but not everyone can cover the cost. It is not a secret that private jets can often come with a hefty price tag. However, all the perks of this travel method make it worthwhile.

Those who have always wanted to know what the experience is like without paying the total price may want to consider investing in an empty-leg flight.

What is it? How does it work? Where do you find one? Here is your guide to taking an empty-leg trip.

What is an Empty Leg Flight?

Private jets are a luxury travel method that many people dream of experiencing, but the high cost can be prohibitive. However, there is a way to enjoy the private jet experience without paying full price: an empty-leg flight. In this type of flight, the jet is open with no passengers, either because someone took a one-way flight or because the charter company needs to reposition the jet for a future flight.

Since the jet is already going from one airport to the next, it offers a discounted flight to those headed in the same direction. The discount varies based on the specific flight.

How to Search For Empty Leg Flights

To search for empty-leg flights, it is best to start with a reputable charter company like Advent Jets, which lists empty legs on their website after ensuring no one else will book the flight.

An online search for empty-leg flights from your area will also yield results, but be cautious when booking through a third party, as you may end up paying more than if you went directly through the charter company.

What Can You Expect?

What can you expect on an empty-leg flight? Although the private jet experience is always incredible, booking empty legs has a few differences. After all, empty-leg flights travel with a purpose, and you go along for the ride. A charming, comfortable ride.

  • Food. You won’t likely be able to order a catered meal or expect to have any refreshments on board your flight. You may find drinks and light snacks, but this is not always guaranteed, so bring yours along.

  • Flexibility. When flying private, you are the passenger. Usually, you can call ahead if you are running behind, and the jet will wait for you. An empty-leg flight offers much less flexibility regarding time changes and delays. The flight crew has an itinerary they need to stick to — so if you are running late, you may be left behind.

  • Personalization. Private charters are known for their personalizations. They cater to their clients. But don’t expect an overly personalized experience on an empty-leg flight.

Don’t let this get you down. Traveling on an empty leg still has plenty of perks, luxury, and comfort you won’t want to miss.

The Amazing Benefits

Empty-leg flights offer many benefits, including time savings, convenience, privacy, and luxury. Empty Legs save time by allowing passengers to show up a few minutes before the flight, and they fly at higher altitudes, making them less likely to be disrupted by weather.

Flying out of smaller airports means less traffic, fewer people, and less hassle, and there are no baggage issues. Private jets are also personal, and even on an empty leg, the flight is yours, with no strangers coming along for the ride.


While empty-leg flights have some limitations, such as less flexibility regarding time changes and delays, they still offer plenty of perks, luxury, and comfort that make them worthwhile.

Advent Jets offers a list of all available empty-leg flight specials on their website, and signing up for their Empty Leg Alerts is also a great way to stay informed.

Then put a call to action like if you are ready to get started on your next Empty Leg journey click here or call 833-444-9494

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