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Do your business or friends want to travel in a small or large group? Advent Jets is here to help!!

Exploring Aircraft Charter Options for Group Travels

72% of business travelers last year were very eager to travel. However, it doesn’t appear that everybody is interested in flying commercially or even alone. Instead, more are looking into aircraft charter options for group travel.

Are you looking to explore your options for a group charter aircraft? Travelers often find that having a private plane is their journey’s ultimate luxury. After all, it gives them greater control over when, where, and how they fly.

With so many different types of planes on offer, it can be overwhelming to try and decide which one will be right for your trip. We have compiled this guide to help you decide what aircraft charter option best suits your group travel plans.

What Is a Group Aircraft Charter?

What happens when you charter an aircraft? It depends on the private jet charter company you’re working with. However, in most cases, a group aircraft charter is a great way to get your whole group from point A to point B when traditional transportation just won’t cut it.

These flights are perfect for groups short on time and need quick, efficient transport. With aircraft charters, you don’t have to worry about expensive commercial tickets or cramming your entire entourage into one aircraft. The aircraft and itinerary can be tailored to fit your group’s size, whether a small executive team or a large sports team with traveling entourages.

Aircraft charters often offer private amenities like luxurious seating and catering that you wouldn’t find on standard commercial flights.

Aircraft Charter Services

Speaking of private, luxurious amenities, it’s essential to understand what aircraft charter services are available. Again, this will mostly depend on the company you’re working with. However, most companies offer some of the following services.

In-Flight Catering

Imagine traveling to a corporate convention in Fort Lauderdale as a group. You have to arrive and immediately head into meetings. Therefore, you’ll all need to be well-fed for the day ahead. In this case, it’d be great to enjoy in-flight catering, right? With a private aircraft charter, that’s possible.

In-flight catering stands apart in the realm of private jet charters in that you can work directly with a chef or catering company to customize your in-flight dining experience to suit you perfectly.

Whether flying for business or pleasure, the in-flight meal ensures you can have restaurant-quality food in the air. Custom cocktails, desserts, hors d’oeuvres, luxury onboarding, and in-flight catering with a private jet charter make any flight a five-star affair.


You don’t have to leave Fido at home! A private jet charter might be ideal if you’re a pet owner who loves to travel in style.

Chartering a jet lets you bring your pet on your trip comfortably and conveniently. With pet-friendly amenities and a more effortless boarding experience, it’s no surprise that private jet charters are becoming increasingly pet-friendly.

Not only can pet owners allow their furry friends to join in on all the fun of flying on a private jet, but they can also rest at ease knowing their pet is being looked after too. This is why private jet charters are becoming increasingly popular for groups traveling long distances.

For example, several pet owners are now booking group aircraft charters to bring their larger pets abroad when immigrating to places like the UK or Portugal. This is a great way to ensure your pet can sit comfortably with you in the cabin instead of down below in the cargo.


One of the best features is the in-flight entertainment, which usually outstrips what is available on commercial flights, and for a good reason. You’re likely to have a much more extensive selection of movies, television shows, music, and other forms of entertainment to pass the time enjoyably.

Benefits of a Private Jet Charter for Group Travel

Aside from the amenities, what other perks can you expect from booking an aircraft charter besides the amenities? Plenty! From a more streamlined check-in process to added privacy, here’s what you can expect to enjoy when traveling as a group on a private jet.

Streamlined Check-In

Flying in an aircraft charter makes travel more accessible and efficient, especially with the streamlined check-in process. Unlike typical airline travel, you can skip the long wait times and move right through to security and your gate with minimal wait times—no need to worry about carrying heavy bags or dealing with overbooked flights.

Plus, if you book your trip through a reliable operator, you avoid the hassle of check-in desk queues or printing out boarding passes. The more effortless check-in makes flying more accessible and allows travelers to enjoy a stress-free journey experience. This is critical when you’re traveling in a large group.

Avoid Crowds

The freedom to avoid large groups while traveling can make all the difference on long trips. Aircraft charters provide passengers with perks you wouldn’t find at a commercial airport — like different boarding areas and access to their private lounges.

And think, by bypassing throngs of other travelers, you avoid massive lines and long waiting periods that would otherwise be spent standing around in a crowded terminal. As you’re already traveling in a group, this can save time, energy, and a lot of headaches.

Concierge Services

When you charter an aircraft, it’s like having your private concierge service. Instead of waiting in long airport lines and fighting for space in the overhead storage bin, an aircraft charter allows you to enjoy concierge services that make the whole experience hassle-free.

Again, traveling as a group can be stressful enough. This addition to detail and increased customer support can go a long way in group travel experiences.


Traveling with an aircraft charter means you and your group can enjoy privacy. From the privacy of the plane, passengers can enjoy the sky-high sights and sounds of flying without mundane airplane inconveniences. This includes long lines at the gate or trying to stay comfortable in a cramped cabin.

Your group can also set its schedule. Personalized charters are incredibly accommodating when planning flights around convenience and time restrictions. The bottom line? If privacy and convenience are essential, consider flying private.

Book a Private Aircraft Charter

Ready to book an aircraft charter for your group? We have several options available. The best way to explore those options is to get in touch for a free quote. or call 833.444.9494

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